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Best of 2017

January 23, 2018TrishaOne Comment

It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged about my favorite things, so why not start now? I decided to dip my toe back into blogging with a compilation of the products I’ve come to love over the past year (or two) since I took a break (from my blog) to focus on getting back on my feet, following the loss of my husband. So without further adieu, here are all the amazing, sometimes random, things I’ve discovered and fallen in love with.


My love affair with LANEIGE began like most of my love affairs do: with a sample. I tried a sample of their BB Cushion and I fell in love. The coverage was amazing and it had built in SPF, which is a must, so I was sold. I used to be able to buy this line at my local Target, but then *POOF* it disappeared.

That’s when I went online and placed my order and that of course led to more samples. Every time I place an order on the LANEIGE website, they let me choose samples (I love getting to choose) and I chose their Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask and again, it was love. This thick cream keeps my dry skin soft and moisturized all night long – plus it smells so good. Bonus! So now I use these products every day and I keep discovering more products from them that I love. The bottom line is, I love this stuff and I can’t recommend it enough.


I’ve been a huge fan of Pelle Beauty for years, so when its founder decided to start a new collection of luxurious serums infused with botanicals, I was super excited. Marnie Cipriani Beauty is a line of serums that are made in small batches, meaning they are incredibly fresh and my skin loves them. Each serum works to keep my skin looking radiant and healthy, and who doesn’t want that? Each serum can be used alone or combined with other products to meet your needs. I use serums all day. For instance, I apply serum right when I get out of the shower, again before I apply makeup, again after I remove makeup, and again before bed. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin and best of all, it has helped keep my skin looking more youthful. It’s true. Serums are a (aging) girls best friend.


If you’re like me, you don’t wash your hair every single day. It’s actually not good for your hair! But if you also suffer from oil roots, you know that isn’t a good look and that’s why dry shampoo has become a life saver for me. Unfortunately, not all dry shampoos are created equally. I’ve tried a lot and so far, NOT YOUR MOTHER’S is one of the best brands simply because it works, it’s cheap, and you can buy a variety of scents! So not only can you keep your blow out looking amazing for days, but you can keep your hair smelling oh-so-fresh and who wouldn’t love that? So far, my favorite scent is warm sugar, but I also recently purchased toasted coconut and that one smells pretty damn good too. If you’ve never tried dry shampoo before, here’s the scoop: shake the bottle, spray your oily roots, let it sit for a hot second, then brush your hair (you can use your fingers) and you’re good to go! It’s easy peasy.


Have you ever spent a ton of money on a pair of sun glasses, thinking you will cherish them and treat them like the precious gems they are, only to leave them in a restaurant, never to be seen again? Yeah, you have. That’s why I decided to give Blender’s Eyewear a try. I purchased a pricey pair of Ray Ban sun glasses a while back and ended up losing them and getting very upset at myself. Then when I saw that Blender’s Eyewear had a very similar pair of sunnies available, at a much lower price, I decided to give them a go and I have to say, they are very similar. The only complaint I have is the little Blender’s logo on the right lense, I find it distracting. Otherwise, it’s great. They look great, feel great, and they don’t break the bank. So if you lose glasses like I do, you won’t beat yourself up about it too long. Click here to save $20 on your first purchase. The glasses I bought are called Rose Theater.


If you love makeup that leaves your skin looking as flawless as it can possibly look, with the ability to glam it up or down, then you ‘ll love IT! Cosmetics. I’ve been using their products for years and I use a few of their products every single day. If I want to glam it up, I use their liquid foundation (Bye Bye Lines) using one of my brushes and it looks like I’ve had my makeup professionally applied. Seriously, it’s amazing and it transforms your skin. On days when I want minimal coverage (like gym time), I apply Anti-Aging Armour, because it’s essentially a tinted SPF but it provides nice coverage. It gives me a nice even skin tone and provides that natural “no makeup” look, while still protecting my skin from the sun. I love that stuff so much! I also am obsessed with their Bye Bye Pores powder and blush. Plus, the most under-rated product of all is the Brow Power stick. I use it every day to just fill in my brows and it really makes a HUGE difference. This line is really a girls best friend and I can’t recommend it enough!


One of my favorite subscription boxes is the Bubble Box from Sky Organics – simply because it’s a box all about me. To use the products, I have to relax and honestly, that’s something I could use a lot more of in my life. I rarely sit back and take a bath, rest my body, literally unplug for a while and that’s what this box is all about. It includes a bath bomb, a bath melt, a shower steamer, and a fun surprise. What’s not to love? I mean, even the ingredients are great. You just can’t go wrong. 


Another little luxury I like to treat myself to is handmade soap. There are so many beautifully handcrafted soaps out there, but one of my favorite brands is Barnyard Apothecary. The soaps are all handcrafted in small batches using natural ingredients and they smell amazing. I’m all about supporting small businesses and this one means a lot to me.


If you’re blow dryer challenged like myself, then you need this hot air brush in your life. For years, the extent to my hair styling was limited to a flat iron, but this hot air brush from John Frieda has changed my hair game. Now that I can blow out my own hair, my hair looks more healthy and stylish. I don’t have to wait for a salon appointment to have a good hair day. I really don’t know what I ever did without this brush in my life.


Another brand I find myself using every single day, is DERMA E. I use their toner to clean and hydrate my skin at least once a day, but I use their illuminating face oil religiously. The reason I love this oil is because it’s such a great multitasker. I use it as a base for my makeup, because it helps the makeup go on smooth. Have you ever tried to apply foundation to dry skin? It’s not pretty. I also use this oil to tame fly-aways and dry cuticles. I just love this stuff!


One of my favorite brands to pamper my hair, body, and mind is Aveda. I used to only think Aveda created haircare products, because that’s all I ever used them for, but that’s not all they have going on. In fact, now that I’ve started discovering more of their other products, the more I love this brand. One of my favorite new finds is this Shampure Composition Oil because it just smells amazing. This oil can be used on your scalp, body, or as an addition to your bath water. It literally smells like relaxation in a bottle. One sniff and you will completely forget what you were stressing about 4 seconds earlier. It’s that good. I just can’t get enough. Really, try the entire Shampure collection. Every single thing is amazing and will give you a spa experience, right at home. 


Another small business I adore is Rachel’s Plan Bee. I’ve been obsessed with her products for years, but I just can’t get enough of this facial oil! It smells like a tropical paradise and I’m not going to lie, I use it on my body too. I especially love it on my legs, right after I shave. If only this stuff was available in a much bigger bottle, I’d be slathered in it all day long! I also love the Bee Cream (it’s great for eczema!) and the skin loving Body Polish. You just can’t go wrong with any of Rachel’s products!


If you love high quality bags that are handcrafted in America, then you really, really, really need to check out Hayden Satchel! Several years ago, I purchased my very first GiGi New York bag and now I am a collector. I love them so much and the quality far superior to any other bag I’ve owned. I even went and compared the quality to a very well known, and more expensive brand everyone in the world knows about, and there just isn’t any comparison. My first bag was the Hayden Satchel and I still carry it all the time, I still get compliments on it, and it still looks brand new – even though it’s been through a lot! I feel like you get what you pay for and when it comes to quality, you get that in spades at GiGi New York. You can tell a lot of love when into the making of these bags and the company stands by their products. I just love everything about this company, including their sister company Graphic Image.


I love smelling good, so it was only a matter of time before I fell in love with Jo Malone‘s beautiful and unique perfumes. I’ve tried a wide array of perfumes from Jo Malone and so far, my favorite is Wild Bluebell. It’s mildly sweet with a natural scent and it’s pretty much perfect for me.  There is always something new to try from this line, so if you can stop by one of their boutiques, I highly recommend it. Each time I’ve stopped by, I’ve been met by friendly staff, eager to help me find a scent I’ll love. Plus, they always load me up with samples so I can test out new perfumes and experiment with combining perfumes to create a truly unique scent.


Another awesome beauty line I’ve discovered over the past two years, is skinfix. The first product I tried (as a sample) was a rich hand repair cream and it was amazing. I was intrigued and wanted to try more. So one day, I saw the products featured on GMA Deals and Steals and decided to place an order. I chose the lip repair balm, energizing micro scrub, and coconut water hydrating mist. I love each of these products, but I am obsessed with the hydrating mist. I use it religiously. It’s refreshing and it really helps keep my dry skin hydrated and moisturized all day long. I love it!


I really try to take care of my skin and I’m always looking for new products to try. So a few weeks ago, I found a small jar of Ole Henriksen’s sugar glow polishing mask available at Home Goods and I’m so glad I decided to buy it. After one use, I was hooked. I would apply the sugar scrub to my dry skin and let it sit while I went about my shower routine. Then after a few minutes, I’d wet my hands with the hot water and massage the mask onto my skin before rinsing. Once rinsed away, my skin felt brand new. It was soft, moist, and completely refreshed. I seriously love this stuff and will be buying a supervised jar of this ASAP!


I love coffee and once upon a time, I used to paint and sell coffee mugs in my shop. So can I just promote myself for a second? Because, I still love creating new coffee mug designs, but since the loss of my husband I just haven’t been able to mentally sit down and paint. But I haven’t stopped creating and thanks to my supportive friends online, I’ve still been able to sell my mugs in a printed format, which as it turns out – is much better! The main reason being, the mugs are more durable and can be placed in the dish washer. And although I’m always adding new mug designs to my shop, my best seller is still my Lash Mug. It’s available in several lip colors and best of all, the mugs can be shipped world wide.

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