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Must Have Travel Essentials

November 13, 2015TrishaNo Comments

Make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable with these Must Have Travel Essentials!

MUST HAVE Travel Essentials via STUFF I LOVE BLOG + SHOP

The O.G. Bag from LO AND SONS $295

This O.G. bag from LO & SONS is awesome for women (and men) on the go, simply because it has space for everything you could possibly need. The front of the bag has a zippered compartment with organized slots for cards, pens, gadgets, and even a tethered clasp to secure your key chain. There’s even another zippered pocket inside for personal items you’d like to keep out of sight.

Inside the bag, there’s a padded space for a laptop, two padded pockets for your phone, and another zippered compartment. The side of the bag has a separate zippered compartment to store shoes, which is nice because it keeps your dirty shoes away from all your other necessities. The back of the bag has yet another zippered compartment that zips above and below the panel to allow the bag to easily slip over the luggage handles for easy transport. When not used with your luggage, you can zip the bottom closed and use it as another useful spot to store goodies. The bag comes with a removable, adjustable strap, which allows the bag to be carried a multitude of ways.

The bag is large enough to fit everything you need, but it’s small enough to still fit under the most airplane seats. It’s also available in a wide array of colors.

LO AND SONS The O.G. Overnight Bag

GRAPHIC IMAGE Passport Holder $67

Keep your passport safely secured inside this beautiful holder from Graphic Image! Not only is it gorgeous on its own, but it can be customized, for a personal touch. I just purchased one for an upcoming trip and it is gorgeous. The leather is soft and the stitching is impeccable. You won’t be disappointed.

Graphic Image Passport Holder

BESTEK Universal Power Adapter $13

If you’re traveling abroad, you need a power adapter and BESTEK makes the best one, in my opinion. What I love about this adapter is it has multiple adapter plugs, which are compatible with US, UK, Europe, and Australia’s outlets. Best of all, it also has 2 USB plugs, which are perfect for charging an iPhone or other gadget. It’s also small enough to easily fit in your carryon bag, which can come in handy if you ever need to recharge between flights.

BESTEK Travel Adaptor

LEWIS N. CLARK Adjustable Neck Pillow $15

If you’ve ever been stuck in the middle seat on a plane, then you know how awkward it can be to fall asleep on your neighbors shoulder. So don’t do that! I purchased two of these pillows for my husband and I and we love them. These neck pillow blow up in easily with a breath or two and they are adjustable with the push of a button, so you get just the right amount of support. The lining of the pillow is super soft and the back of the pillow is contoured, so you can lay your head back comfortably, as it’s made specifically for airplane seating. Best of all, it deflates with the push of a button, in the blink of an eye second, and folds up nice and flat, making it super easy to place right back in your carryon bag.


Blanket Scarf from TARGET $15-$25

Stay cozy and warm all winter long or on a chilly plane with a blanket scarf! I recently picked up a blanket scarf for my trip and I plan on using it as a cozy blanket on the plane and as a scarf/wrap when on the go. It’s a little wider than a normal scarf, but that’s why this scarf is a great multitasker for travelers who want to travel as lite as possible, yet still have the comforts of home.

Reversible Blanket Scarf from Target

GRAPHIC IMAGE Luggage Tag $30

A quick and easy way to spot your luggage among a sea of bags at the baggage claim is a nice, bright luggage tag. I have the bright pink Graphic Image Luggage Tag and it has my initials stamped on it, just in case anyone else has a similar idea. In my opinion, a bright luggage tag saves time and energy, because I can spot that bright color fast, which helps me grab my back and escape the pandemonium quicker.


KOBO GLO HD eReader $129

Read anytime, anywhere with the Kobo GLO HD eReader! If you haven’t switched over to reading on an eReader, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Sure, paper books are great. I love them too, but having thousands of books at your fingertips, in a slim, light, and easy to carry eReader is just awesome. It’s also super easy to read with, because the screen is anti-glare, it has a built-in comfort light (so you can read in the darkest room), and you can adjust the size of the font. I have been using my Kobo GLO HD eReader for about 8 months now and I don’t know what I did without it. Plus, it saves so much space in my carryon bag and I don’t have to worry about finishing a book too quickly and having nothing else to read. I also don’t have to worry about not being able to read comfortably on a plane. Everyone knows that overhead light isn’t great, plus it distracts others who are trying to rest. The Kobo GLO HD is comfortable for you and everyone else around you.


PHILIPS Earclip Headphones $14

Planes can be noisy places, so it’s very important that you bring along a pair of headphones, so you can listen to music on your smartphone or watch a movie. My goal is to travel light, so I prefer incredibly small earphones, but I really don’t love earbuds, so these PHILIPS Earclip Headphones are a great compromise. They are light and take up no space in my bag, unlike my husbands Beats by DRE headphones. Those things are HUGE and take up way too much space, but if you need to cancel out noise, that’s a small price to pay.

PHILIPS Earclip Headphones

TRAVELON Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Bag $56

This TRAVELON bag is incredibly important when traveling abroad, because it keeps your important valuables safe and secure. I like to use my LO & SONS bag for the plane and as a weekend tote, but I always pack a smaller bag in my suitcase to use as my purse abroad. I chose TRAVELON for a few reasons: 1) It has built in RFID protection, so you don’t have to worry about identity thieves; 2) It’s slash-resistant, thanks to cable-reinforced straps and slash-resistant body panels; 3) There are locks to prevent pickpockets from having easy access; 4) There is a tethered key clip with led light, so you can easily find what you need in a  hurry, and; 4) It is nice and roomy. There is space for everything I need, including my passport, phone, small book, water bottle, a granola bar, and my DSLR camera.

TRAVELON Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Bag

LONELY PLANET Phrasebook $7

If you’re traveling to a foreign land and don’t speak the language, a LONELY PLANET Phrasebook comes in handy. I purchased the Central Europe phrasebook and I love how it has several different languages color coded for easy access. I also love that the book is small (it fits in the palm of my petite hand), so I can easily carry it with me while on the go or you could even slip it into your pocket. It doesn’t have every word you could possibly need, but it’s a great help and it shows the locals that you’re at least trying and that goes a long way. Lonely Planet also has an app, but the app is useless if you don’t have an international plan with data, which right now, costs a small fortune with Verizon. So a book will do just fine – for now!

LONELY PLANET Central Europe Phrasebook


I never travel anywhere without snacks and a few of my favorites include Smartfoods White Cheddar Popcorn, Skinny Girl  Bars, and Biena Habanero Roasted Chickpeas! All of these snacks are gluten free and they taste really, really good. I have celiac disease, so that’s the main reason I choose to bring my own food, not only in my carryon, but also in my checked luggage. If the food abroad makes me sick, I like knowing I have something on hand that I can eat.

Now that you’ve seen my Must Have Travel Essentials, feel free to share some of yours in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my post. I sincerely hope you love these items as much as I do!

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MUST HAVE Travel Essentials via STUFF I LOVE BLOG + SHOP

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