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November 2, 2015TrishaNo Comments

If you love wearing the latest trends in jewelry, then you’ll love Rocksbox!

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Last month, I received my very first Rocksbox subscription box and I loved it! Since then, I have received one more and I have another box on the way. This is a subscription box that literally delivers again and again all month long!


Unboxing a Rocksbox is like unwrapping a gift each and every time. The box is customized for you, which adds a nice personal touch. Inside, are 3 bags of hand selected pieces of jewelry, based on your unique Rocksbox profile and wish list.

Try ROCKSBOX for free with promo code STUFFILOVEBLOGXOXO

My very first Rocksbox included a SLATE Beaded Double Strand Necklace, a Nakamol Cream & Silver Wrap Bracelet, and my personal favorite, the Sophie Harper Pavé X Ring. I decided to buy the ring and I sent the other two items back, because even though I liked them, I didn’t love them.

Sophie Harper Pavé X Ring via ROCKSBOX

Rocksbox doesn’t mess around with shipping. When I returned my first box, I received an email from Rocksbox hours later, prompting me to leave feedback on the items I received, so my personal style consultant could pick items more suited for me for my next box and they did not disappoint!


My second Rocksbox was even better than the first and it’s definitely my style. It included the Wanderlust + Co Ziggy Ring, the Jill Michael Ball and Chain Necklace and my absolute favorite, the Sharp 9 Crystal Collar Necklace. I loved each and every item so much and I really wish I could have kept them all. But on the plus side, I do get $10 to spend on items each month, so I just might buy one of these items for myself before they are out of stock.

ROCKSBOX Crystal Collar Necklace via STUFF I LOVE BLOG

Rocksbox is $19 a month and as I mentioned earlier, you get $10 to spend on jewelry each month. Best of all, you can return your Rocksbox as many times as you want, each month, and new jewelry pieces will be sent right back to you. Turnaround time is pretty quick. Once I put my box back in its original envelope (don’t throw it away!) and then attached the included return label, I always get an email from Rocksbox asking me to leave feedback. They immediately get my new box ready and ship it out. Based on my experience, I think it takes about 2 business days for a new Rocksbox to be mailed out. My guess is, you could technically receive 5 boxes each month if you wear the items and return them right away.

You can try Rocksbox for free for one month using my special promo code STUFFILOVEBLOGXOXO. When you sign up for Rocksbox, you will also get a special promo code to use and that can be a great way to get bonus points to use on jewelry you really want to keep.

To learn more about Rocksbox, just click here!

As always, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read my review. I sincerely hope you love this box as much as I do!

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