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Vitality VoxBox from Influenster

August 28, 2014TrishaNo Comments

The Vitality VoxBox from Influesnter was jam-packed with goodies to help you look and feel your best!

Vitality VoxBox from Influenster

This month, I was lucky enough to be one of 5,000 people to receive a Vitality VoxBox for free from Influesnter. Inside my VoxBox were six items for me to try out and review. Some of them I loved, some of them I liked, and one of them I really didn’t like at all.

First up, is this Pure Leaf Iced Tea, which I was quite familiar with before receiving it from Influenster. My family has been sipping this tea for at least a year, maybe more. My mother buys it in bulk, it’s her favorite drink. What I love about it is it doesn’t taste like a bottled tea. It tastes like a freshly brewed tea and it isn’t too sweet or bitter. It’s incredibly refreshing!

Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Next up is this awesome SoftLips Cube! I’ve tried lip balms from this brand before, but this one is my favorite. I love the shape, I love the size, I love the texture, I love that it has SPF, and I love the smell. It actually goes on my lips like butter and it keeps my skin feeling super soft for hours. Plus, it tastes good, which is really important if you lick your lips a lot.

SoftLips Cube

The next product I tried are these Bikini Ready Energy Gummies. I was really, really excited about these because they look like candy and I love candy! I also love the idea of having an extra burst of energy just sitting in my purse, in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, I didn’t love these gummies. They taste like a fruity flavored coffee, which made me gag. They also didn’t provide me with any energy. In fact, the serving size is 2 gummies per day, which is 20mg of caffeine and that amounts to about a 1/4 cup of coffee. That’s certainly not enough of an incentive for me to endure the taste of these gummies.

Next up are these Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons, which reportedly allow you more freedom (360°) to do the sports you love, while menstrating. Not to be rude, but I kind of laughed when I saw this. I am not entirely sure how these tampons are different from the regular tampons I use. They have the same shape, they expand the same way, and they do the same job. The only difference  I noticed is these Fresh Balance tampons are perfumed, which isn’t really something I’m on board with. I am sensitive to certain types of perfume that I spray on my skin, so I’m not very comfortable sticking a perfumed piece of cotton into my hoo-hah, if ya know what I mean.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance

Another favorite product of mine from the Vitality VoxBox is this Flawless Future serum from Elizabeth Arden. This serum leaves my skin feeling smooth and makes my pores feel smaller. I’ve only been using it for a few days, so it’s too early to know whether claims that this serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and evens skin tone are true. The serum is actually pretty, because when you look at it closely, it shimmers. Thankfully, when you put it on your face, you don’t see any shimmer. If you have dry skin like me, you will still need to use another moisturizer, because this serum really doesn’t add moisture, it just helps create a moisture barrier.

Flawless Future from Elizabeth Arden

Last, but certainly not least is this First Degree Burn Cream. This may not be the most glamorous item in this VoxBox, but it’s certainly the most handy, because I am a klutz. Yes, I have the rare ability of tripping over my own feet. In addition to tripping, I can’t seem to get through a week without burning myself while attempting to cook or attempting to walk while holding coffee. I have a few scars on my hands that prove just how klutzy I am. So this cream is getting its fair share of use at my house. It soothes the burn, helps prevent scarring, and it even helps prevent infection.

First Degree Burn Cream

That sums up everything I received in my Vitality VoxBox. I love getting these boxes because I always discover something new. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a free box of goodies in the mail?

To learn more about each of these specific products, just click on the links and you’ll be redirected to the corresponding website.

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read my review. I hope you find it useful!

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