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Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb from LUSH

March 19, 2014Trisha4 Comments

If you love to take relaxing baths in water that smells sweet, then you will love the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb from LUSH!


This was my very first time trying this limited edition bath bomb and I loved it, however I must confess, I’m rarely take baths. Instead, I prefer to just jump in and out of the shower so I can go about my day a little faster. But the beauty of a bath is it forces me to stop what I’m doing and relax. It’s a way to disconnect from the world (for me, it’s social media) and just do nothing for about 30-40 minutes. That’s why I love these LUSH bath bombs. They make me look forward to taking a bath and that doesn’t happen often.


As you can see, this Fluffy Egg bath bomb is pink and shaped like an Easter egg. It has a strong candy scent right out of the bag, however the smell dissipates once it’s in the water. This could be good news, if you’re more sensitive to smells, or bad news, if you really want to be overwhelmed by this sweet scent. To be honest, I thought the bath bomb was a little too strong when I removed it from its bag, however I was a little sad it didn’t smell more when in the water. Either way, I would prefer a milder scent over an overwhelming scent any day.


There is nothing quite like placing a LUSH bath bomb in the water for the first time. When the bomb touches the water, it explodes with energy (I couldn’t even hold on to it) and begins to fizz. The force actually makes the bath bomb roll around and the eruption creates a fountain-like effect in your tub as the water begins to fill with color.


When the explosion is over and the bath bomb succumbs to the water, you’re left with bath water that is bright pink with marble-like lines of white froth on top. It’s really quite beautiful.


I enjoyed my Fluffy Egg bath for about 40 minutes and let’s just say I was a prune when I got out! In the end, my skin was soft and I felt rejuvenated. These bath bombs are really worth the money.

It’s important to note that this bath bomb is bright pink in color and my tub is white. After I drained the water, there was a pink film still in the tub, so I had to clean it up. I don’t know if it would stain the tub (I doubt it would), but I didn’t want to risk it, so I sprayed down the tub and wiped up the areas that didn’t just wash away.

To pick up your very own Fluffy Egg bath bomb from LUSH for $5.95 before they’re gone (until next year), just visit or click here to find a retailer near you!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my review. I sincerely hope you love this bath bomb as much as I do!

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Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb from LUSH


4 comments to “Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb from LUSH”

  1. Renz | March 19, 2014 | Permalink Reply

    I’ve always wondered about them and how they work. I.E if all has to be used in one bath. Nice!! I rarely take baths myself but sometimes you need the downtime. It sucks the clean up after though. After relaxing you don’t want to have to “work” right after.

    I will surely try.

    • Trisha | March 19, 2014 | Permalink Reply

      I was thinking the same exact thing while I was wiping up the tub! I don’t think it would have stained it, but I’m a worrier, so I cleaned it right away. I also bought a yellow bath bomb, so I’m curious to see if that discolors the tub too. Either way, it makes sitting in a tub way more enjoyable! So relaxing <3

  2. LUSH bath bombs are my all-time favorite pampering treat to myself. It’s not just a product, but a whole experience to enjoy. I haven’t tried Fluffy Egg yet, but it sounds awesome.

    • Trisha | March 22, 2014 | Permalink Reply

      I feel the same way. It’s an affordable luxury and you just can’t go wrong with LUSH. I was actually told by a LUSH insider that their PINK bath bomb is the same as Fluffy Egg except it has little hearts inside. So just in case you don’t get around to trying the Fluffy Egg, you can still get the same experience (except maybe better with the hearts) with Pink. <3

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