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March 28, 2013TrishaNo Comments

If you’re looking for a natural way to sweeten up your favorite food or beverage, then you will love Nectresse natural no calorie sweetener!

I received a free bottle of Nectresse inside my Sugar n’ Spice VoxBox from Influenster and I was pretty excited to give it a try. For years, I have been using Sweet n’ Low to sweeten up my favorite drinks (like iced coffee) and I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me “You know, those will give you cancer.” I have no idea whether that is true or not, but when you’re a diabetic like I am (Type 1/Juvenile), you don’t really have a lot of options. I’ve tried other sweeteners before, but I always preferred Sweet n’ Low, at least until now.

Nectresse is all natural and is made using monk fruit extract, a touch of sugar, erythritol (an all-natural sugar alcohol), and molasses. If you’ve never heard of monk fruit before, you’re not alone. I had no idea what it was either, but what I discovered is it’s a melon fruit grown primarily in Asia and was named after the Buddhist monks who first cultivated it nearly 800 years ago. The monk fruit is harvest each autumn and four short steps later, it’s inside a bottle or packet of Nectresse.

What I love most about this sweetener is the fact that it’s all natural, but I also love that it’s really sweet. That means I don’t have to use as much. The first time I tried Nectresse, I used the same amount that I normally would using Sweet n’ Low (2 packets) and it was way too much! I learned my lesson and the next time only used half the amount (equivalent to one packet) and it was just right.

As with all sweeteners, it takes a little while to adjust to the new flavor. There is a mild flavor in Nectresse that I can only assume is attributed to the monk fruit, but it’s certainly not a bad flavor. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using Sweet n’ Low for a very long time (around 18 years), so it will be a minor adjustment getting used to a new sweetener, but it’s worth it.

Nectresse can be purchased in the bottle, like I have, and in packets. I actually like both options. The bottle is great to have around the house because you can easily pour it into your cup (no mess) and you can use it for baking. The packets are also great because you can easily carry them around with you and believe it or not, I do. I never leave the house without my own sweetener because unfortunately, not every restaurant/coffee shop provides sweetener and let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson over the years.

All in all, I really love Nectresse and recommend it to anyone who prefers or needs to use a sugar substitute like I do.

Nectresse can be purchased on Amazon or any of these local retailers for $5.98 for a bottle or $3.48 for a box of packets.

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